Hospitality management company
  • The Helvetia Hotel

    The Helvetia Hotel retains its mystique as a quiet Swiss retreat even in St Petersburg’s bustling city centre. The two 19th-century buildings that house the Helvetia’s 75 rooms and suites are preserved as architectural state landmarks.

  • Great meals

    The Marius, open 24 hours, has been serving good food and fine beer over the past decade. Reputed by many to be the city’s best pub food.

    Café Claret offers a cosy, home-like atmosphere and highly professional cooking under the direction of Russian TV personality and executive chef Aram Mnatsakanov.

  • Tourism

    Rustravel provides a complete range of in-coming tourist services. Rustravel specialises in custom-made programmes for foreign organisations involved in business, culture and education.

    The Premier Club was started in 2006 to offer in-coming tourist services throughout Russia.

  • Cultural Centre

    Hellenika is an international centre promoting cultural and scientific cooperation round the globe. The Hellenika Centre was founded by Madeleine Isabelle Lüthi, who served as Honorary Consul General of Switzerland in St Petersburg (1998-2006), the first Swiss citizen to hold such a post since 1917.
  • Company Historical data

    The SwissCenter Group is situated in St Peterburg’s historic town centre in the former Khristovsky mansion. Over the past couple of hundred years, the mansion has undergone several renovations. St Petersburg’s first General Consulate of Switzerland since the revolution was headquartered in the mansion from 1998 till 2006. The following companies maintain permanent operations in the two SwissCenter buildings: the Helvetia Hotel, the Marius Restaurant, Café Claret, Rustravel, the Premier Club and Hellenika Centre.